Gumley House School

What We Did

Pinnacle wanted to create a functional and contemporary Sixth Form block with a calming ambience. To help achieve this vision, we collaborated with the students who selected a pastel colour palette, which was then incorporated into the design.

The Sixth Form block consisted of three floors:

The ground floor, which included a breakout area and two classrooms
The breakout area was divided into two distinct sections. Towards the back, single and double green banquette-style seating, both low and tall coffee tables, and portable stools were placed. The area also had beautiful tall arches, which we highlighted by painting them in a lilac shade. The remaining part of the area featured benches, tables, and chairs strategically placed around pillars. Coloured acoustic panels were also placed on the walls, contributing to a contemporary look.

The two classrooms were equipped with VS loose chairs, bench desks, meeting tables, a mobile pedestal, and an interactive whiteboard.

The mezzanine floor, which included a quiet study area
For the quiet study area on the mezzanine floor, bench desks with loose chairs were placed. To enhance privacy for students, small accessories like fabric edge grip screens were placed. We highlighted the high windows with a bright-coloured border, which continued around the windows on the ground floor, connecting both floors seamlessly while maintaining visual consistency.

The first floor, which included a common room with a café area
To create a functional common room for students, we created two separate areas. One area was dedicated to socialising, which included comfortable banquet seating, loose coffee tables, and stools. The other area was created for the café, which included tables and chairs for dining or a coffee break. We strategically arranged the furniture throughout the room, ensuring that there was ample space around the café and pillars.