Harwich & Dovercourt

Location: Harwich

The Brief

The most distinctive part of the project was the curved auditorium seating which was to be used as a media space. It consisted of four curved cyan-coloured MFC modules fixed together, with a metal handrail around the top. A projector was mounted on the ceiling to project videos, and the height and shape of the auditorium helped prevent sound from escaping. The curved theme was carried through into the other seating. We also supplied two curved Sculpt seating configurations. The first was formed of 12 laminate screens and featured high worktops with EN high stools in mandrin orange, which provided workstations for 10 people.

The second configuration consisted of nine blue laminate screens, all with upholstered seating. We supplied sky blue EN chairs to optimise use of the space, along with tables. Fitted to the back of the Sculpt units were curved Quattro bookshelves. The Sculpt seating area would be a perfect place for students to sit and read because the screens would help to block out noise and other disruptions from the rest of the breakout area.


What we did

In the same flexible learning area, we supplied re-configurable Byte FlexiTables, paired with EN chairs. There was also a seating section consisting of seven Refuge seating modules in Dandy Duck Egg fabric, paired with two Orbit coffee tables to give a comfortable and somewhat private area to study. We also carried out work in the sixth form area for students in a red and black theme. We supplied more EN chairs in red and black with seat pads to improve the dining experience for the students, as well as provide an easy clean seating option for when food or drink gets spilt.

Alongside the dining area was another dining/breakout area with a variety of seating including Refuge and Aspect seating in lime green, black and red. This was complemented by Contour easy chairs in red, orange and green with black seats. The curved shape of the Contour chair perfectly complemented the curved modular seating and carpet feature, as well as the round Orbit coffee tables. We also installed white Horizon network stations with green privacy screens which would allow students to work or sit alone.

Let's get started

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