Haygrove School

Location: Bridgwater, Somerset

The Brief

Haygrove School is a co-educational secondary school based in Somerset for students aged between 11 and 16.

The three-story building will be the main school building, accommodating both teaching facilities and offices for staff. The top floor will be home to eight purpose-built science teaching rooms.

Pinnacle were appointed to design and install a variety of spaces for the project including eight science teaching rooms, a drama studio, changing rooms and various storage areas.


What we did

As with all modular projects, the building was constructed in a factory and finished onsite. Our Design Team gave careful consideration to where the modules join when designing the floor plans. For example, in the science labs they considered the layout of the gas pipes in relation to the module breaks. This attention at the planning stage enables faster installation on site.

In the main hall, we fitted bleacher seating, lighting and theatre curtain. The main hall bleacher seating is controlled by the press of a button, meaning students will no longer need to stay behind after assembly to stack chairs away. The hygiene room and changing room facilities are sturdy and fitted with hooks for efficient storage. We also designed a variety of storage areas with spur shelving and provided noticeboards for the classrooms and hallways.

On the top floor, we designed and installed eight purpose-built, vibrant science teaching rooms and supplied both mobile and fixed fume cupboards. In the science prep room, a Gratnell storage system was supplied to provide durable and easy-to-use storage facilities for a variety of equipment and materials.

Let's get started

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