Kingsmead School

Location: Hackney

Kingsmead School

Kingsmead Primary School approached Pinnacle to refurbish four of their washrooms with new cubicles, toilets, vanity units and ventilation services. These were junior boys and girls washrooms, as well as infant and nursery washrooms.

Project value £68,000
Number of students 1,500
School founded 1904

The Brief

The school wanted the washrooms to be bright and fun, so we came up with a different colour scheme for each washroom. In the junior boys’ washrooms, we used a theme of dark grey and lemon green. The vibrant green shade brightened up the space while the grey made the washrooms a little more mature for the older pupils. We installed back-to-wall toilet pans with push button flushes to ensure ease of use by young children. We also installed urinals and a modesty panel by the washroom entrance. The wash trough was a light speckled grey which complemented the grey vinyl flooring, and it had green SGL panels below which prevent water damage and prohibit students from accessing the pipework for the taps.

The junior girls’ washrooms were a similar style, except their highlight colour was a bright magenta pink which was both fun and modern. The wash trough was also the same pale speckled grey as the junior boy’s washrooms which complemented the grey and pink theme.


What we did

The infants’ washrooms were softer in a yellow and sky blue colour scheme. The cubicle doors had a curved top and were a lower height which was more suitable for younger children. The duct panelling behind the toilet pans were also lower, and different to the full height ones in the junior children’s washrooms. The main difference however, was the yellow wash trough. This added an extra element of colour and fun for the younger children and the washrooms were very light and colourful due to the large windows letting daylight in.

The nursery washrooms were not dissimilar in layout to the infants’. In bright orange and royal blue, these were the most vibrant washrooms out of the four at Kingsmead. Nursery children love bright primary colours so we chose this theme to make even going to the toilet as fun as possible! The cubicle doors, wash trough and the panels behind the toilets were orange and the rest of the fitted washroom furniture, such as the cubicle dividers, was blue.

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