Linton Park School

Location: Maidstone, Kent

The Brief

Linton Park School is an ‘outstanding’ rated School and one of the OneSchool Global’s flagship campuses. It has multiple buildings on the campus for each of the Primary and Secondary phases, running from Year 3 all the way to Year 13. The School recently renovated the Secondary phase building, creating a ‘learning centre’ environment with an open plan layout, and following the success of that project, they wanted to create a similar setting in the Primary phase building.

The School commissioned Pinnacle to refurbish the Primary phase building, forming a fresh space which would facilitate self-directed learning for the 96 children in Years 3-6. By introducing this concept, it would mean that the teachers could give the less able children extra tuition and those with better ability could progress faster. Promoting independence at an early age in education will hugely benefit the children as they progress.


What we did

Linton Park School presented Pinnacle with a design intent document which we used to create a design plan with a wide variety of products and finishes. For the teacher-led areas, we installed colourful TeacherWalls with sliding dry wipe panels, TVs, pull-out laptop drawers and storage elements. Pinnacle fitted track-hung movable wall panel systems which had a mixture of dry wipe and pin-board surfaces. Throughout the space, we fitted glass partitioning with manifestation and graphics along the walls to identify each area.

In the brainstorm area we provided tiered seating upholstered in a bold turquoise fabric with built-in storage boxes. One of the unique elements of the design is the Lego wall we supplied, allowing the children to be creative in a fun and familiar way. Following the Lego theme, we designed graphics for the toilets in the form of Lego silhouettes. Bespoke low locker walls in a combination of colours were supplied so that children can securely store their personal items. To control the noise levels, we fitted acoustic ceiling baffles which are highly effective at absorbing sounds.

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