Nonsuch High School for Girls

Location: Sutton, Surrey

The Brief

The client specifically required the 6th form to have flexible furniture in the centre to allow for a conference set up, however a relaxing and welcoming environment was also essential.

The LRC had to provide shelving for a specific book capacity and a formal teaching area to be set apart but not fully obscured from the entrance to aid supervision. Complex colour schemes of similar palettes were incorporated into the detailed carpet design, shelving and seating to add to the uniqueness of the space and to make it stand out.

The LRC was furnished with a large quantity of Quattro bookcases, including semi-circle ends. The back panels of these unique bookcases can be coloured to coordinate with the colour scheme of the room. Additional Quattro Bubble freestanding bookcases on castors were provided, which allow for easy relocation and reconfiguration. Glacier easy seating units and island seats were supplied to the LRC for students.


What we did

The school’s 6th form area is to be used for eating, informal working, group project work and relaxing in-between lessons. Around the edge of the room, banquette seating in green and purple upholstery is installed along with chrome based tables for eating and project work. A larger banquette seating area can be seen at the far end of the room, which enables groups to sit and relax. This area looks stunning illuminated by LED lights from above. Tub chairs with orbit coffee tables are also situated in this area offering another seating option. High illustrate stools paired with disc base poseur tables in matching blue and green are positioned in the centre of the room along with FlexiTable Tilt tables, which can be used for flexible learning and project groups. The room has a wide variety of seating and table options to cater for all desired scenarios, and meets the client’s requirements perfectly!

As the social area was above the library we advised the school to use an acoustic vinyl in the area to reduce noise transference but retain easy maintenance. The areas were completed within just four days and the end result looks great, providing a creative and inspirational area for the students.

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