OSG Kenley Campus

Location: Caterham, Surrey

The Brief

One School Global Kenley Campus is part of an Independent School Group focused on a self-directed approach to learning. The School is situated in the World War II RAF Kenley aerodrome building so it’s historical significance was an important feature to consider in the furniture design. The client required quiet and collaborative study zones and classroom furniture for supportive study. The overall design needed to be vibrant and colourful, integrating corporate branding whilst being a fun and engaging space for students.


What we did

It was important that the furniture we supplied was bright and inviting for students whilst being professional. The furniture we selected was ideal for the study space as they each have flexible colour wave options and high durability for everyday use.

In the Learning Resource Centre, we included collaborative furniture such as a mix of plain and colourful upholstered Orte chairs for a striking and practical design. Similarly, Occo seating and Myriad pedestal tables were chosen for the main breakout space as they are specifically designed for educational use. In the individual quiet zones, bespoke fabric booths were manufactured to provide acoustic benefits and to reduce visual distractions within the study space.

Let's get started

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