Queenswood School

What We Did

To achieve a modern and minimalist aesthetic, we opted for white walls in the labs, complemented with vibrant pops of colour. This included a navy blue storage wall, turquoise Teacherwall and Teacherdesk, sky blue blinds, and purple chairs.

We installed a new ceiling featuring flat-panel LED lights to complement the natural light, alongside radiant panel heating. Safety was paramount, so we opted for non-slip sheet vinyl flooring for safety, particularly in spill-prone areas, and drylined the walls to cover the exposed brickwork.

Maximising space efficiency, we positioned the storage wall along the rear wall, with the Teacherwall at the forefront of the room. Tables were arranged in a U-shape to facilitate student engagement with the Teacher. Belfast sinks were positioned along the two sides of the room to maintain a clear central area and minimise accidents. Additionally, we strategically placed eight Konetic pods to encourage collaboration and flexibility.

To address storage needs, we integrated double bookcases into the Teacherwall, along with single and double-door capacity base units, a capacity tray unit, and bag storage solutions along the sides of the room.

For durability and ease of maintenance, we selected light grey Fundermax worktops for their robustness and chose high-quality Postura Plus stools to ensure the longevity of the furniture. Additionally, we provided essential laboratory facilities such as taps, gas taps, and bench-mounted power sockets.