Sevenoaks Preparatory School

Location: Sevenoaks, Kent

The Brief

Sevenoaks Preparatory School, situated in Kent, is a co-educational, day school for students. The School teaches pupils from nursery up to Year 8.

Architect Hazle McCormack Young selected Pinnacle to help replace the temporary modular buildings. The School wanted the new building to be a calm, bold and imaginative space for the students to learn in. There were various areas involved in the project including classrooms, science laboratories, an IT room, and an Art room.


What we did

In the science laboratories, we fitted a bespoke teacher’s corner desk to house their computer systems for an efficient design. The classroom is a flexible space with a mix of capacity fixed pedestals, demo bench and a mobile tray unit. The tables can be easily reconfigured to adapt to social distancing requirements.

Our unique wooden TeacherWall system is fitted in each classroom and we built in a top plinth to mount the acoustic panel to meet the building’s acoustic requirements. The classrooms are separated by an adjustable folding wall which can be opened to create one large space for the students to learn in.

The IT rooms are particularly innovative as they house bespoke features in the IT benching for optimum cable management and safety. The IT desks are also an adjustable feature allowing for a flush large workspace to maximise space footprint or it can be reconfigured into individual computer stations.

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