The Gatwick School

Location: Crawley, West Sussex

The Brief

The Gatwick School is located within a highly sought after area, the Manor Royal industrial estate in Crawley, West Sussex. The school offers education from the early years through to the primary and secondary phases. The client approached Pinnacle to provide the furniture for an open plan ICT space, atrium reception area, a meeting hall and some classrooms including music rooms and science laboratories. In particular, our design team wanted to highlight the architectural design of the atrium by making it a key focal point in the building.

The project was to be completed over two phases with the second phase taking place whilst the school was partly occupied. Our project team had to strategically manage the project to ensure that we didn’t cause any disruption to the school and its students.


What we did

To utilise the vastness of the atrium in the reception area, we provided Refuge high back seating in vibrant purple and grey fabrics to match the colour scheme within the school’s logo. The design of the seating promotes privacy and minimises distractions making them ideal for an open plan space similar to the reception area at this school.

To promote agile learning we provided a circular glass collaboration pod for the ICT area with built-in ventilation and manifestation on the glass walls. To complete the pod, we included some EN classic chairs in contrasting colours and a Myriad cable managed table. The pod will allow students to work collaboratively away from the rest of the class. For the rest of the ICT area we provided EN Swivel chairs with wave benching.

In the science laboratories, Pinnacle included purple Pepperpot stools, laboratory tables and a StorageWall. We added grey folding exam desks and chairs in the meeting hall which allows the space to be used flexibly.

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