Warden Park Secondary Academy

Location: Cuckfield, West Sussex

Warden Park Secondary Academy

Pinnacle were approached by architect Kendall Kingscott to assist in the refurbishment of 8 science laboratories in Warden Park Secondary Academy’s existing building.

Value £285,000
Square feet of floor area 11,840
Number of students per lab 32
Phases 4

The Brief

Warden Park Secondary Academy is a coeducational secondary school for 11-16 year olds.  The School wanted to create distinct and practical science laboratories to meet the student footprint and teaching requirements.

Pinnacle worked with architect Kendall Kingscott and Fowler Building Contractors to assist in the refurbishment of 8 science laboratories in the School’s existing building. Along with the various science laboratory configurations, Pinnacle were also required to refurbish 9 resource stores and prep rooms.


What we did

The project was installed in phases during term time to meet the tight deadline. Each laboratory accommodates 32 students and are designed to suit different disciplines. We designed 2 curved, 4 straight, 1 hybrid with cranked wings and straight bench and double U-shaped science laboratories.

Each laboratory incorporates a Teacher Demo desk at the front of the class with sinks installed in the perimeter as well as appropriate eyewash facilities and lab coat storage. The variants in design helps to maximise the space in the room and provides the best teaching layout.

The School retained their existing fume cupboards, so we manufactured our furniture to accommodate the legacy furniture. We also supplied loose furniture including durable stools, laboratory tables, practical mobile Gratnell trays and whiteboards.

We received excellent service and really thorough support throughout the design and project planning phase from Pinnacle. They provided excellent drawings, visuals and all of the samples we requested to make the design of our science labs straightforward. Pinnacle worked well with the main contractor and provided a good service during the installation, even during the challenges of a pandemic. Pinnacle continue to offer us a good after-sales service.
Colin Granlund, Director of Business and Finance
Refreshing an entire Science Department and bringing the students learning experience into the 21st century was very rewarding. Our Project Team, managed by Colin Dymond, worked collaboratively with the contractor and architect to find a solution so we could complete the installation on time with a very satisfied client.
Andrew Ball, Project Consultant

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