Weydon Multi Academy Trust

The Brief

Weydon Multi Academy Trust is a collection of five local schools who aim to provide outstanding learning facilities for both students and staff.

Since 2016, Pinnacle Furniture began a trusted partnership with Weydon MAT to undergo refurbishments for their science and technology spaces. The Pinnacle team spent a lot of time on site ensuring the creation of all the science laboratories went smoothly and was suitable for everyday use.

Our highly experienced Project Managers delivered the refurbishments successfully year on year with our commitment to quality, professionalism and diligence. Each school adopted a simple but stylish colour scheme within their redesign, coordinating with their school crest. In Weydon School, The Capacity Storage range chosen for the laboratories are themed with purple doors and grey décor panels, whilst Woolmer Hill School and Farnham Heath End School utilised their cooler palette of blue and grey in their furnishings.


What we did

The labs were kept modern and clean looking by including pale vinyl floors and a light grey Velstone worktop, which is resistant to chemicals and scratches, ensuring the work surface is durable and long lasting. Equally, the EN high back chairs were chosen to tie in with furniture from each phase. These chairs are high quality and robust, ensuring longevity of the furniture. Along with the products, Pinnacle also supplied essential laboratory facilities such as sinks and taps, gas taps, bench mounted power sockets and fume cupboards for ease of use.

However, as with any long-term projects there are always issues to overcome. The biggest obstacle we faced was asbestos which is common in older buildings. If asbestos is left untreated it can cause severe damage to the respiratory system, so Pinnacle ensured extensive testing and safe removal for minimal disruption to the project.

The client has been consistently pleased with their new learning areas year on year and stated that they “make learning more fun”. We are privileged to maintain a long-lasting relationship with the Weydon Trust.

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