Weydon School

Location: Farnham, Surrey

The Brief

The dining hall project at Weydon School was part of a long-term phased refurbishment of the school to revitalise it and bring it up to date. The interior needed to be consistent with the vision and design concepts of the program. Pinnacle Furniture worked closely with the architects, Willes Simpson Wood, to create a contemporary ‘college style’ dining room for the new build that met the school’s functional requirements.

Some of the key requirements of Weydon School were to seat over 300 students, to ensure an element of flexibility around the lower seating concourse so the space could be occasionally used for other events, and to maximise the light, spacious feel of the high ceilings and open balcony.


What we did

The school wanted the area to have an adult and modern feel, and wished the students to eat a proper meal, so there was no bar seating or soft seating included in the scheme.

The interior design scheme combined a pale grey with a tranquil blue to provide a sleek, mature atmosphere. The Illustrate chairs matched exactly with the contrast colour on the benches and were chosen as they are very flexible, with capacity to stack up to 40 chairs high.

The Feast furniture provided high density seating and provides an alternative dining style.

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