Wimbledon High School

Location: Wimbledon, London

The Brief

One of the main aspects of the common room is the large storage feature wall, constructed from 18mm MFC, in front of the sofa area. This is a bespoke wall for the students to store their bags, textbooks or other items in during lessons or overnight. It helps to keep the common room tidy and free of clutter and is easily accessible.

The common room was divided into several areas, each with their own intended use. Directly in front of you when you walk into the common room are 2 Feast benches with suede style Orbit low stools on one side and a wooden bench on the other. These are intended for students to use while eating as the Feast benches can be easily wiped with a damp cloth to clean them in the event of a spillage and feature a robust construction with impact-resistant edges. To the left of the Feast benches are 4 three seater sofas, all facing toward the storage feature wall. This area is for the students to relax in during breaks, and there’s even a projector and electronically controlled screen that they can use!


What we did

Behind the sofa area are several arrangements of Sketch seating, in the Tangent and Cube shapes, which offer quick short term seating for individuals or groups. Next to the Sketch seating is a large run of personal storage lockers for students to safely and securely store their valuables during the day. The last area of the room is the run of fitted benching to use while working or using a laptop. This is accompanied by several Vision swivel IT chairs with an aluminium base for comfortable seating. The combination of all of these areas and configurations should cover all of the students’ needs when using the room.

The colour scheme chosen for the room was complementary shades of purple and pink. This was used on the Orbit stools, sofas and Sketch seating, along with selective doors of the lockers. We hope that the Year 11 students are enjoying their common room as much as we enjoyed working on the project!

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