Celebrating Global Recycling Day 2022


18th March represents Global Recycling Day – a day to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and pollution. At Pinnacle, we want to minimise the environmental impacts of our refurbishment and fit-out projects. We have put in place systems for minimising waste, improving recycling and minimising disruption to the local community. As part of our Sustainability Commitment Plan we set targets to reduce waste and recycle.

In 2021, we diverted 59.4 tonnes from landfill. We separate our waste on site ready for recycling. Our wood, cardboard, metal and plasterboard is then all sent to specialist recycling facilities.

Through our operational practices, we focus our efforts on reducing the amount of non-recyclable waste we produce and in the last year, we have reduced this by 26%. The journey continues and will aim to reduce this further year-on-year. Our general waste is sorted, and recyclable items are removed and recycled. Any remaining non-recyclable general waste is sent to an Energy Recovery Facility (ERF). Energy Recovery Facilities produce energy from waste and creates either electricity or heat, or both. Energy recovery is better for the environment than sending waste to landfill, which is widely recognised as the least sustainable method of disposal.

With this combination of recycling and ERF, 100% of our waste was diverted from landfill.

To find out more about our sustainability commitment plan, click here.