Designing A Coworking Environment For Universities


Coworking is a prevalent trend in the UK office market and is becoming popular with universities and the education sector. By definition, a true coworking space involves a shared environment, most commonly an office, through which individuals not engaged by the same company work side-by-side, and which is charged on a monthly membership basis (1). Working styles are now less dependent on having a fixed space or location but focus on the importance of flexibility, multiuse spaces and spatial design. These factors each contribute towards facilitating a space for networking and teamwork that can be used by university staff, entrepreneurs and students. These coworking environments can be rented and fitout to the tenant’s requirements.

With the work conducted from our commercial brand Office Profile, we have extensive experience in designing and delivering multiple coworking spaces as evidenced through our previous projects such as Techspace’s various offices across London. We designed each coworking space in the vision of a creative and collaborative zone where open plan and private areas are available along with hotdesking and homely breakout rooms with soft seating. At Pinnacle, our combined experience means we can utilise our skills in coworking and our knowledge in universities together to maximise potential Return On Investment (ROI) for both tenants and universities.

Currently, we are working with the University of Portsmouth to transform their Innovation Connect coworking space with vibrant and fun furniture for a relaxed, non-corporate working zone, suitable for creative companies and start-ups. With new requirements for modern spaces, incorporating coworking and office facilities in the university sector offers many benefits. For businesses, having access to a coworking hub offers desk and cheaper office space options than a fixed premises. As well as this, coworking facilities offer the opportunity for advice and support and business and university networks, events and discounts. It is also useful for current students at the university as they have access to amenities and professional opportunities whilst offering businesses a bountiful supply of potential graduates for future expansions.

We have a vast experience in completing the design and refurbishment of flexible, functional educational spaces that cater for all different methods of working. If you would like to see how Pinnacle Furniture could create inspirational coworking environments for your university, contact us today by clicking here!



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