Exam Desk Promotion To Support Social Distancing


With the possibility of students returning to schools soon, it is important that the appropriate equipment is in place to ensure that social distancing measures are followed. Minimising class sizes, alternating classes and staggered breaks are all different measures suggested to help minimize contamination, but another key factor to consider is furniture. With the Government recommending a 2m distance between individuals outside of your household, the layout of educational spaces will inevitably need to be adapted to accommodate the new rules.

We have seen an increase in the number of exam desk enquiries as they offer greater flexibility and durability than other standard table solutions. The popular exam table is constructed in easy clean MFC and is MDF edge sealed and lacquered so is considered maintenance free. The singular desk allows each student their own 600 square of space rather than sharing a work surface with other students. The trolley means that the desks can be easily transported throughout various classrooms so that students are appropriately spaced apart.

The exam folding desk is available to buy on its own at the sale price of £19.90, a 17% price drop. We also stock the exam package which includes 25 exam desks and a trolley at the sale price of £599, nearly a 10% discount. We have high stock levels available and delivery can be arranged within 3-5 working days.

Contact Emma from our Sales Team to find out more about our promotion on the economical singular desks and packages on 020 8641 1000 or email emma.h@staging2.pinnacle-furniture.co.uk

The Exam Desk Spec Sheet is available here