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Fitted Furniture

We manufacture our own range of fitted furniture and therefore are able to provide value and competitiveness as opposed to the costs normally associated with this type of furniture.

Where can fitted furniture be used?

Just about anywhere!  Our fitted storage is so adaptable that it can be used in science laboratories, IT suites, classrooms, offices, corridors, art rooms, food technology rooms and libraries. We manufacture bespoke reception counters including lighting and signage for reception areas. Designed specifically for education, our washroom systems are manufactured on a project-by-project basis for a tailored solution for each school. Fitted furniture is suitable for use in primary or secondary applications, as well as special schools and colleges, due to the flexibility of materials, sizes and usages.

Benefits of fitted furniture

Fitted furniture can be adapted to fit any space, making use of all available space including tricky alcoves, sloped ceilings and awkward corners that would normally be wasted space.

Fitted furniture is more durable than freestanding as it is made out of stronger materials.  our furniture has been designed to stand up to the rigours of education, right down to the smallest detail.

The furniture can be customised to your precise needs and tastes, including things such as sliding or hinged doors, colours to suit the colour scheme and integral lighting.

Flexibility of our fitted furniture

Our fitted furniture ranges are designed to be flexible to ensure a solution can be found for every project. As well as having a standard range of panels and finishes that we use, we can also create bespoke variations and solutions to suit your individual scheme.


If you need a particular shade to match existing finishes, a special shaped worktop, or furniture to fit up to a sloping ceiling, rest assured that Pinnacle can provide fitted furniture for just about any type of room or requirement. Our in-house design team can source unusual finishes and create schemes that can make even the trickiest of spaces work effectively.

Control over design and manufacture

Instead of buying in fitted units and re-selling them to you, we manufacture each panel and assemble the furniture ourselves. That's why we're so competitive. Our teacher wall and classroom storage units are designed in-house and constantly reviewed to ensure they are best suited to educational use. We consider small details that are so vital for education, such as the 170 degree hinges for our units to prevent doors breaking off through misuse or a little too much energy!

Extensive Range of Finishes and Materials availablePinnacle - Reception Furnitures

Our design team makes full use of the wide range of finishes we have available. They are able to match up to existing furniture materials and colours, or create a new design, taking into account your preferences. We use MFC, SGL, composite stone, real wood veneer, laminate and glass.  We can mix materials in a project to stunning effect - in the photo shown, stainless steel, MFC and acrylic are combined to form an attractive and unusual reception counter.

Different types of fitted furniture:

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