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Washroom Systems

Our washroom systems are specifically designed for education, creating hygienic and durable washrooms to provide a safe and pleasant experience.


Pinnacle - Washrooms solutions

Our Quadrus washroom systems

Washrooms are a vital part of your school, demonstrating how you stand in relation to pupils and staff and impacting on their welfare. We know that performance, practicality and cost effectiveness are very important to you, so we manufacture our own washrooms systems. Our Quadrus washroom systems have been designed to ensure complete suitability for the demanding educational environment as well as outstanding aesthetics.

Pinnacle - Cloakrooms and shower rooms

Cloakrooms and Shower rooms

Pinnacle provides a comprehensive range of cloakroom units to enhance the changing room environment. We install shower facilities, cloakroom benching and hooks – the total washroom solution. We also supply lockers for cloakroom storage including our range of heavy duty SGL lockers. Lockers and cloakroom benching can be fitted or freestanding depending on budget and suitability of the space. Showers can be installed in separate cubicles or in a shower room with several showers – we use materials that are impervious to water and robust fittings.

Pinnacle - Bespoke solutions

Complete Washroom Refurbishment

Pinnacle carry out the complete school toilet refurbishment package. This includes tiling, plumbing, ceilings, flooring, decorating and electrics, as well as other services. The refurbishment will be run by one of our project managers who will liaise with you, arrange supply and delivery of materials and install the flooring and furniture. We have a range of systems for different applications and for different age pupils, including curved and shaped doors and cubicle sides. We will supply and fit accessories such as soap dispensers, mirrors and hand dryers if required.

Pinnacle - Washrooms furniture

Washroom recommendations

It is advisable to be aware of recommendations for school washrooms to ensure suitable provision for staff and pupils. These recommendations may also alter depending on whether the establishment is a primary, secondary or special school.  An example of a relevant consideration is the suggested ratios of washbasins to WCs as detailed in our blog post. Our design schemes will always take into account these factors to ensure your washroom facilities are functional and efficient.  Please give us a call if you would like more information or would like to book an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Pinnacle - Washrooms furniture

Sanitary ware and Ironmongery

Pinnacle provides a variety of high quality sanitary ware to ensure that the washroom environment is specifically suited to every client. We use durable vandal-resistant ironmongery, with ranges available to suit all ages and applications. We recommend the installation of sensor taps as they are environmentally friendly and cost effective due to water conservation - saving up to 70% more water than manually operated taps. They are also more hygienic and vandal proof than lever or push taps. Sensor taps are also safer for young children as the temperature can be fixed to avoid scalding.

Pinnacle - Washrooms materials

Washroom Materials

We use a number of materials in washroom and cloakroom design as several factors affect the chosen materials, including application, heavy or light use, size, budget and preference. Materials we use include; stainless steel, Corian, Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), High Pressure Laminate (HPL), Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC), and Compact Density Fiberboard (CDF).  CDF is a new product that is very similar to SGL and provides a saving over it.  It is moisture resistant and nearly as strong and impermeable as SGL but is not recommended for shower locations.

Pinnacle - Colourful designs

Colourful Washrooms

Bespoke printing is available on all our cubicle ranges. Panel printing is often used in primary washrooms, however some very stylish print designs can be selected that will add elegance to secondary school and adult washrooms. Pinnacle has a range of standard print designs or the client’s own images and artwork can be used. Designs range from photo-realistic to cartoon style; contemporary artwork will add interest to any washroom. Please speak to us about the current range available.

Pinnacle Educational Furniture for Nonsuch High School for Girls - IT Suite Refurbishment
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