Increasing Efficiency and Accuracy Through BIM


BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a prerequisite for the Construction industry. It is a process to create and manage all the elements of the construction project collaboratively, supported by technology. BIM integrates drawings with each stakeholder of a project, including architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, structural engineers and contractors.   

At Pinnacle, we constantly strive to improve our efficiency and accuracy throughout the design process. We continue to make significant investments to progress and develop our BIM capability through training, software and hardware.    

The data attached to the 3D BIM model can help drive our estimating, manufacturing and forecasting.   

Pinnacle have embarked on a project to move our BIM library to the next level by integrating it fully with our mERP system, this creates a 2-way SQL link that is a pioneering innovation for the industry.  

The benefits we obtain from building a link between the BIM library and our mERP system is that we can upload all product codes and quantities from a BIM model into our mERP system, this has huge time and accuracy implications for scheduling, quoting, procurement and manufacturing.  

The advantages of this include:  

  • Quick project costings   
  • Reduces potential for human error   
  • Accurate budgeting throughout the project  
  • Faster procurement and start on site times

As the link is a 2-way link we are able to manage our BIM library and populate products with live information from our mERP product database, this ensures: 

  • Product information in Revit is live and accurate 
  • Product updates including dimensions, colours, etc..  don’t need human input 
  • O&M information and COBI data automatically synced  
  • The BIM library data doesn’t diverge from the mERP product database

Once the above development has been fully implemented and live the next step is geolocation tags within the BIM model, this is where locations are tagged on the CAD model to allow revision tracking. This will ensure even more accurate costing of projects throughout the process.  

This is a pioneering investment that reduces the risk of disparities and human error while providing accurate real life product information and costing so meaning our clients will receive an improved customer experience.   


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