Why we created Konvolve?

Konvolve allows classroom settings to transition easily between layouts accommodating numerous learning pedagogies and subjects. This particularly supports teachers and students to respond to the changing nature of STEAM teaching and different subjects simultaneously.

Konvolve is based on a kit of parts, and the unique connector retains the rigidity and strength in the construction while enabling numerous configurations.  This provides significant manufacturing and sustainability savings while supporting flexible and future-proofed learning spaces.



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    300kg per linear metre weight loading
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    60% recycled steel
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    FSC certified units (FSC-C164471)
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    Tested to BSEN15372 Level 3 inc 20,000 cycle test
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    Made in UK
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    Patent pending
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    Install speed x4
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    Future-proofed component based system
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    Reconfigure room layout in 3 minutes
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    5 year warranty

Product advantages 

  • Very long lifecycle cost and sustainability
  • Very flexible, supports multiple room uses along with mobile furniture options
  • Reconfigure entire rooms in just 3 minutes
  • 75% faster to install
  • Facilitates faster M+E installation, especially 2nd fix
  • Less damage due to, 2nd fixing issues and to panels and plinths both during construction and daily use
  • No wall fixing required
  • Sustainable materials


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Collaborative learning is the driving force behind creating the 21st-century classroom. The physical learning space must be adaptable for this way of teaching.

As teaching evolves to a more creative, engaging, and experiential experience, so are classroom furniture needs to evolve… Konvolve enables rooms to be reconfigured safely for different strands of STEAM learning and subjects such as robotics in a safe and practical manner.


Daryl Stanley , Managing Director, Pinnacle

Modern Methods of Construction require FFE solutions and products that are designed with the modern build process and learning environment in mind, I can see Konvolve enhances this element of the FFE specification.

Head of Educational Design , Tier 1 Main Contractor

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