FSC® Certification For Pinnacle Furniture Ranges


After months of hard work and collaboration, Pinnacle have successfully received our FSC® certification for our TeacherWall, Myriad and Capacity furniture ranges! As a manufacturer, this is a significant step in our sustainability journey.   

What does this mean?   

FSC Chain of Custody Certification “ensures that FSC materials and products have been checked at every stage of processing so that customers purchasing FSC labelled products can be confident that they are genuinely FSC certified.” [1] This certification allows businesses and consumers to identify, purchase and use wood, paper and other forest products made with materials from well-managed forests and recycled sources.   

Why is it important to us?   

We are committed to becoming a more sustainable organisation, both with the furniture we specify and manufacture, and for our business practices and processes. During 2020 we diverted 68.8 tonnes of waste from landfill, over 96% of all our waste produced! We also only use sheet board material from FSC certified factoriesfor the production of our furniture.   

FSC is also important in modular builds for projects. MMC modules that leave construction factories must be FSC certified so when FF&E is installed it is a very important criteria to meet. Our FSC certification is also a critical step for BREEAM and other certifications.  

Overall, we are very proud to be responsibly managing our products and our sources sustainably. For more information on FSC, please visit their website.   


[1] ‘Chain of Custody Certification’, 2021, FSC