Pinnacle’s Science Laboratory Capabilities


Today marks the 6th International Day of Women and Girls in Science and to recognise the incredible achievements of women and girls across the world, we wanted to highlight some of our science lab portfolio that is improving and supporting STEM education across the UK. Science Laboratories are a hugely important but complex feature of a school refurbishment. They are a space for experiments and research and are particularly crucial to the ongoing success of STEM schools.   

We have a strong focus on science laboratories with our own design of storage specifically created for the educational sector. As an educational furniture manufacturerwe offer a comprehensive range of fitted storage specifically designed for science laboratories and technology spaces.  

Our Capacity Storage Range has several unique features to increase durability and enhance ease of installation and services access and the products have been tested by FIRA to meet the most demanding standards. The collection provides a wide range of colours and finishes including numerous worktops that are tested for chemical and impact resistance including SGL, Velstone and Iroko. 


If a science laboratory is not designed properly, it can potentially be a dangerous space for pupils and staff. Luckily, we have an abundance of experience designing and installing science laboratories and our knowledge of products and materials mean we know how to space plan effectively. The first thing to consider is the layout of a science laboratory. Teachers and students need to be able to move easily throughout the room in a clear traffic flow to ensure that accidents are minimised.  

High tables or fitted benches grouped around service pedestals is a popular layout option as it allows the teacher to have full control of the space. Skid based chairs to suit bench height also help to keep minimise accidents and scratches to floors. These work well with vinyl flooring that is resistant to most materials and is easy to clean.  

Another key consideration is the choice of worktop material. SGL is a smart choice for a worktop because it has anti-scratch properties and is resistant to chemicals, water, hot objects and abrasion. Dark worktops not only look professional but also deter scratches and potential vandalism, making it durable and long-lasting for educational use.


Science laboratories have various safety requirements that must be adhered to, such as the type of materials used, the fitting of equipment and storage of materialsFor example, gas taps must be installed properly to deter pupils from blocking the valves and causing serious damage to the equipment and themselves.  

Lockable cupboards are essential for storing potentially harmful substances, so we specify the same lock for all units with the teacher having a master key to maximise safety. Equally our unit doors cannot be slammed improving the durability of the unit. Bags and coats are also designed to be stored near the entrance door to minimise trip hazards and damage to property. 

Our Key Science Laboratory Projects:  

Over the years, we have created the perfect formula for an efficient and practical science laboratory. Here are some of our favourite examples below:  

Sevenoaks Preparatory School 

  • We fitted a bespoke teacher’s corner desk to house their computer systems for an efficient design. 
  • The science classroom is a flexible space with a mix of capacity fixed pedestals, demo bench and a mobile tray unit. 
  • The tables can be easily reconfigured to adapt to social distancing requirements. 

Regents Park Community School 

  • We transformed existing science labs into colourful learning spaces  
  • We fitted Mango yellow, Paradise blue, and Kaktus green capacity unit doors to contrast the durable solid-grade laminate grey worktops and grey stools.  
  • In the storage units, Gratnell trays were installed to provide sufficient and flexible storage facilities for science equipment.  
  • We also provided docking stations, fume cupboards and a demonstration desk for the teacher. 

Brighton College

  • We supplied and installed 18 high-spec science laboratories for their new School of Science and Sport.  
  • We installed bespoke black 20mm SGL worktops, black fume cupboards, ceramic sinks and student and teacher islands. 
  •  Each lab is fitted with the appropriate safety equipment and the overall design has a contemporary feel. 

If you would like to view more of our science laboratory projects, browse our case studies here.  

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