Pinnacle’s Washroom Capabilities


Through the years, Pinnacle have defined, designed, and delivered a variety of large and small educational projects. Washrooms are a particular strength of ours and we have developed our own durable washroom range specifically designed for the educational sector, including cubicles and sanitaryware.  

When designing school washrooms, there are multiple factors to consider:  


When considering a washroom space, design is at the forefront. Washrooms that are open to the corridor are easier for staff to monitor and provide easy access for students.  

Colour is a key element of a washroom environment and we have a wide range of cubicle finishes available to ensure it is a focal point of any educational environmentMany schools incorporate their corporate colours within their door finishes or tiles for design continuity throughout the building. SGL materials for solid panels provide durable and long-lasting wear. SGL has water resistant and stain resistant properties making it suitable to withstand a demanding washroom environment.  


Washrooms must be adequately ventilated and lit to provide easy access for students with minimal supervision for staff. Non-slip flooring should be durable and easy to clean and all pipework must be concealed to minimise damage.  

Full height cubicles are a popular choice for washrooms as they provide extra privacy for students and reduce the chance for vandalism. Similarly, hand dryers can be a hazard when not fitted properly so it is important that they are inset in spaces. This means they are less susceptible to knocks or damage.   

Environmental Considerations  

Now more than ever, environmental considerations must be factored into the design of a washroom. Small changes can greatly reduce waste and improve energy. Elements such as sensor operated taps and flushes for toilets minimise water wastage and provide an efficient system. Equally, swapping paper towels for hand dryers may initially be a higher cost, but in the long run will money as it reduces the unnecessary wastage of paper. Lighting sensors are also a common design feature in washrooms and are particularly useful in schools where natural lighting is minimal.  

Our Key Washroom Projects 

We have completed numerous washroom projects through the years, and our Design team ensure our concepts and layouts are never a washout! Here are a couple of our favourites below: 

Brampton Manor Academy  

  • The project involved reconfiguring four existing washrooms into two and the refurbishment of the staff washroom  
  • The Design team allocated lilac and jade colour schemes to the washrooms so they each had their own identity  
  • We installed solid grade laminate cubicles with the doors in a contrasting oak finish 
  • We fitted Corian wash troughs with sensor taps for efficiency and painted glass splashbacks with large bespoke mirrors 

Gladesmore Community School 

  • The project involved refurbishing the School’s outdated male and female pupil washrooms to modern washrooms, reflecting the look and feel of hotel washrooms  
  • We installed full height IPS duct panelling systems in solid grade laminate and non-slip vinyl flooring  
  • Corian wash troughs with sensor taps were fitted with bespoke full-width mirrors above and SGL access panels  
  • Flush-faced cubicle systems provide complete privacy for pupils  

Immanuel College 

  • The School required male and female student changing and shower rooms, washrooms and staff washrooms and showers 
  • We incorporated 2 tone SGL panels for each area and installed duct panelling to cover the toilet cisterns and piping to make the cubicles to look tidy
  • The vanity units incorporated white splash backs to protect the wall from water damage  
  • The benching in changing rooms was constructed from recycled plastic seating  

If you would like to view more of our washroom projects, browse our Case Studies here.  

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