Say Hello To Sergio And Aidan!


Pinnacle are delighted to welcome two new members to the team: Sergio and Aidan! Here is a little bit more about them…

Sergio Santos

Sergio is responsible for all 3D visualisation at Pinnacle Furniture. He transforms design concepts into a detailed and immersive experience to help the client understand the design opportunities of a space. Sergio has more than 15 years’ experience in creating detailed 3D visuals, models, and textures for projects from concept to completion and we have already seen some exciting visuals created by him for a variety of educational projects.

Before Sergio moved to England, he lived in Madeira and enjoyed off-road racing with jeeps on the mountain, trail biking, cannoning and even delved into a bit of photography! His love for travel has extended to driving from Slough to Prague in 22 hours-he insists he will not be doing that again!

Sergio is also a big animal lover and when he was younger took care of many stray dogs. But his pride and joy is his 8-year-old daughter and they both love to explore places together, particularly New Forest National Park.


Aidan Hewison

Another member to the Pinnacle team is Aidan! Her new role in Sales Support enables the team to work more efficiently to get projects completed on time. Aidan has recently graduated from Sixth Form 3 months ago and was eager to start working straight away!

Outside of the office, one of her main passions is music and she likes to play the piano and sing with her friends. Living in the countryside, Aidan also enjoys venturing on long rambling walks- particularly in these lovely summer months!

We are glad to have these two new additions to the team and are looking forward to seeing them progress and flourish in their new roles.