Advantages of FF&E Consultancy: Specialist Design Packages


In our third blog of the FF&E Consultancy series, we delve into our Specialist Design Packages and what each includes. We understand the unique challenges of outfitting educational institutions, enabling us to deliver a comprehensive design and manufacturing solution that streamlines the procurement process while enhancing the learning environment.

Expertise in Diverse Specialist Areas
At Pinnacle, we take complete design responsibility for each project, offering tailored solutions in various specialist areas:

Art Equipment: Art is used in schools to showcase creativity and imagination. From lightboxes to sculpture stands, we provide the medium for children to express themselves through various art forms including textiles, graphics, photography, and visual as well as the decorative arts.

Broxbourne School

DT Equipment: Design and technology require various practical and theoretical skills, often within a single multi-purpose workspace. When designing these areas, we create safe, durable and flexible workspaces that can withstand the rigours of a demanding practical environment.

Richmond Upon Thames College

Music Equipment: Music is often used to encourage children to express themselves, which grows self-esteem through the building of effective communication skills. We provide all the necessary furnishings and equipment in extensive music classrooms, practice rooms, halls and studios.

North Bridge House School Music
North Bridge House School

Sports Equipment: Physical Education is crucial to the physical and mental wellbeing of all students. From gymnasiums to sports halls, our packages include robust and durable sports equipment tailored to each project’s unique requirements.

North Brent School

Fume Cupboards: Designed for safety in school laboratories and technology spaces, our fume cupboards ensure harmful gases produced during experiments are contained and disposed of safely. We offer a range of fixed and mobile units to meet the specific needs of your science department.

Kingsmead School

Bleacher Seating: Our tiered, retractable seating solutions enhance sightlines, improve comfort, and maximise capacity. Designed to be efficiently retracted manually or electronically, providing the school with multi-purpose space.

Sir Frederick Gibberd College

AV, Lighting Rigs, and Staging Elements: School halls host a wide range of activities and are in regular use. Therefore, it’s essential that the furniture and specialist equipment are coordinated with the architecture and the mechanical and electrical designs. Our expertise in AV, lighting, and stage equipment ensures that we provide systems that are simple to operate, cost-effective, and flexible for various applications.

Barking & Dagenham College

Commercial & Catering Kitchens: We have expertise in catering kitchen design and understand the importance of creating practical and safe spaces. The range of equipment we provide includes combination ovens, fryers, bratt pans, meat slicers and more, ensuring your kitchen contains all the equipment necessary to function efficiently.

Catering Kitchen
Sir Frederick Gibberd College

SEND Specialist Rooms: We have worked on multiple SEND schools and understand the individual and  specialist requirements each needs, such as sensory classrooms, incorporating calming colours in furniture and considering spatial awareness in classroom layouts. Our approach is tailored to each school’s specific requirements and can support these projects with our advanced visualisation capabilities that we use to enrich the SEND environment.

Treetops Sensory Room
Treetops Free School

Seamless Co-ordination and Integration with Pinnacle
By entrusting Pinnacle to specify an effective FF&E package, including specialist elements, schools can simplify and ensure the seamless integration between different workspaces, ranging from, art studios to the music rooms. As educational specialists, we align our practices with current curriculum and legislative requirements to deliver comprehensive FF&E solutions. Our holistic approach guarantees professional and expert integration of every element of the interior environment, creating the best possible learning spaces.

For more information about our Specialist Design Packages, or to discuss your next project, contact us today.