The Inside Scoop from Fraser – The Benefits of Visualisation

Meet Fraser
Meet Fraser from Pinnacle

This month, Head of Business Development, Fraser, gives us an insight into our in-house design team and their expertise in visualisation.

With over 10 years’ experience working at Pinnacle, Fraser has seen many changes in the education industry. Here’s the inside scoop on how we work in collaboration with design partners of educational projects to support the next generation of schools across the globe.

Fraser, can you tell us how visualisation supports our clients?

One area where we can support our clients during the bid stage is with our visualisation expertise. Visualisation of the FF&E at the early stages is pivotal for both the architect and contractor when working with clients. Not only does it bring the project to life, it can also help stakeholders visualise the future of the structure. These tools also support the client meetings with improved communication, engagement, and clarity around the project. It also helps the local community get engaged, excited and on board with the scheme.

Abingdon School – Faringdon Lodge
Abingdon School – Faringdon Lodge

Which tools do you use?

We can offer 3D layouts, walk-throughs, and elevations. We use a variety of computer software projects such as Enscape, CGI’s, Dalux, and VRay.

How does this work?

We take the architectural elements, the structural services, and the MEP models and coordinate this into our FFE model that has been tailored to the client brief and developed through a client engagement process. This data is loaded in our BIM software and uploaded to a 3D platform to produce a fully coordinated real-time image of developed plans and layouts.

Brighton College
Brighton College

How has this transformed client engagement meetings?

Overall, the early integration of FF&E in the 3D model allows key stakeholders to envisage the future of the school building and rooms within a 3D environment. It enhances the end users’ experience and understanding of how the FF&E will function. Working in collaboration with our clients with these powerful tools supports an effective and holistic design development process.

Are there any projects where clients have benefited from our visualisation capabilities?

We offer visualisations for all our clients, offering bespoke and DfE predesigned options. Some stand-out projects include Abingdon School, Brighton College, Haberdashers’ Girls, Kingsmead School, Farnham Heath End School and Broxbourne School. View all case studies.

Farnham Heath End School
Farnham Heath End School

If you would like to find out more about what we do contact Fraser today.