Wellington College


Value: 620K

Location: Crowthorne

Following on from a project with Wellington College in 2019, we returned to complete the refurbishment of their school. Wellington College is situated in 400 acres of leafy land in Crowthorne, Berkshire. The School is one of the world’s top co-educational boarding and day schools. We refurbished 5 laboratories, 2 washrooms, 1 chemistry prep room, 2 meeting rooms and an office.

For the laboratories, the school wanted to turn their out-of-date Chemistry and Biology labs into state-of-the-art spaces for the students, and to match the Physics labs we did previously in the school. The Chemistry prep room was also included in the refurbishment and furnished with top of the range equipment for experiments.

In the meeting rooms, a Harkness table was installed, used to aid the ‘Harkness’ teaching method where students are seated at a large oval table, allowing students to discuss ideas in an encouraging open-minded environment with occasional or minimal teacher intervention.